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December 2009

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Catching Up - December 27

Today was spent catching up. One thing I am proud of myself for finishing was the cover letter for a job I'd really like to get. It's an online-only thing, and reputable (I heard of it from someone else who works for the company).

I got word of it between bouts of computer hell, and had waited to apply until I was absolutely sure my computer would be in working condition. Then I realized the company's people probably weren't going to check e-mail over the holiday weekend anyway, so holding off till tonight made sense.

That gave me the afternoon and evening to ponder said letter. Once I decided what needed saying and what did not, I spell-checked and hit send.

Fingers crossed, please.

Other things got caught up to where I need them to be, if not completed. And for good measure, I did the dishes.


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