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July 2009

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Quiet Weekend - July 5

First, thank you -- to the Universe and to the people involved -- for the lovely response to the last entry. It is most deeply appreciated. I still need more work, but my hope has been restored.

The holiday weekend has been fairly quiet around here. Apparently those inclined to set off firecrackers (which are not considered fireworks, by the way; they're just for noise purposes) were not inclined to do so in my apartment complex. I'm glad for that!

I did have a little too much noise and confusion to suit me on Friday, courtesy of a man on the bus whose usual voice level is high enough. Friday, he had his grandson along for the ride, and they seemed to need to shout at each other over the minimal gap between two adjoining seats. Before you ask, the older man does not have trouble hearing others who are talking with him at regular levels. And no, not drunk, either. He's just loud.

I thought I had escaped their conversation once we all got downtown and went our separate ways. But when I got back to the bus stop to come home, I found them waiting for a different bus (I know because I overheard their plans). This time, the grandson was all the way across the sidewalk, near the shady spot where I usually wait. He was apparently fascinated by the flying insects congregating at the nearby trashcan.

The majority of their conversation was whether the insects were bees or wasps. I was trying to stay away from them, so I don't know. Neither did I care. Both come equipped with stingers, and all I need to know is "avoid!" I kept edging away as the kid poked at them. Grandfather kept yelling at him to leave them alone. Repeat, repeat.

Mercifully, their bus came. I said a silent good riddance to them, and watched the bugs out of the corner of my eye as they settled down. I think they joined me in being glad for some peace and quiet!

And you're correct in assuming I'm glad the man does not live within earshot of my apartment.

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