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July 2009

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Odds and Ends - July 12

Not a lot going on in Beckyland of late.

I spent a very pleasant hour during the week watching "Time Team America" on PBS. The series is about three-day archeological explorations of various sites, and this episode (the first) was at North Carolina's Roanoke Island, the home of what's known as the Lost Colony.

I've always been interested in that story, and in North Carolina history in general. So no surprise that I found the episode fascinating.

Most of the rest of the last few days has been spent dealing with more mundane things. I worked some, I got groceries, I ran downtown errands, and I've spent much of today doing housework.

I did manage to do something the other day that I haven't done in a long time: get to and from the grocery store on the bus.

That happened courtesy of the weather being not too hot and very much not humid, plus my not needing anything particularly heavy. I was glad it worked out, just so I could prove to myself that it was possible.

Sorry there's not more to report! It's been a quiet time, and while I enjoy my quiet days, sometimes they are not the most interesting in terms of joural fodder.

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