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June 2009

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Tinkering - June 13

The DTV transition has made me clean house today.

At some point last night I was messing with the television antenna (indoor), trying to get back the stations that changed their digital frequencies yesterday when they also switched off analog. Nothing was going right, and in the tinkering something got lost. It's a small brass connector, which would allow me to lengthen the antenna wire. I had thought I wasn't going to need to do that, so I put the connector down.

Turns out I do need it, and now it's nowhere to be found. As I said, it's small, so I suspect it rolled away under something and is being hidden by dust bunnies.

The dust bunnies may think they won this round, but they didn't.

The condensed version is that I wound up moving furniture, dusting, moving the television itself, and finally managing to tinker enough to get most of my channels. There are several more I should be able to get, with a little more tinkering. But I am doing no more of it tonight because I'm totally exhausted and because I don't want to risk losing what I do have.

So I'm going to curl up with a good late movie and let the dust bunnies play with the connector for another night.

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