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June 2009

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Odds and Ends - June 11

I am deeply amused that the big name job finding service periodically sends me job listings having to do with selling real estate in California. The messages always say this is through the filter I have set for telecommuting jobs, but I'm pretty sure the filter is picking up the word from ads that say no telecommuting. In any case, I'm not planning to apply.

Today, I was answering some background information for a survey about online matters. I was to check the statements that were true of me. Most of them were pretty straightforward, and had to do with preferences in finding information. But then I was given a good case of the giggles by this one: "I love bellowing to an online community." I think they meant "belonging," but I left it blank just in case.

I'm pretty much ready for the DTV switch tomorrow. I've found the sweet spot with my indoor antenna that gives me access to most of the DTV channels I want to watch, but there is one I still can't get. Mercifully, it's the least-watched of the group, so if I have to give it up for a while I'll be fine with that.

Other things going on involve decisions about work projects and other things that need deciding, and realizing all the deciding is making me tired. Which is why you're getting odds and ends tonight.

Update - June 9

The past couple of days have been a mixture of work, housework, planning, and a little rearranging. It's been busy, but all in all, very good. I have hope the rest of the week will go well, too.

In the finished items list is something that I've been meaning to do. After way too much overthinking, I've finally set up a Facebook page for my business. I welcome those of you on Facebook to become Facebook fans of Rebecca of Many Trades.

And by all means feel free to share the information with your friends.

I decided, finally, to go with a minimal amount of information on the page itself. I may well add to it in the future, and definitely will add photos of new items when such are added.

I am pleased that it's up and running!

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