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May 2009

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On My Mind - May 18

Things on my mind, some of which may wind up being entries themselves:

--We often remark about people being hard workers. But I suspect we don't know how hard anyone else part, because we all define hard work for ourselves. Your definition of the term may be vastly different from your neighbor's, and mine may be different than either of those.

--We've no doubt heard the advice about not grocery-shopping when hungry. I sometimes think that should be amended to include not making a grocery list when hungry.

--Sometimes the scariest things are the ones that really do work out better than one could have hoped.

--I'm not ready for this television season to be over. I'll get over it.

--One of the biggest blessings in my life is my best friend. She's on my mind because we had a chance to talk this afternoon.

--I have a real fondness for unexpectedly chilly days in spring. Not freezing, you understand, just chillier than normal.

--Unexpected silliness is one of the best things on earth.

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