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May 2009

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Tuesday, Maintained - May 19

I spent several hours today staying out of the way of maintenance people who were here to take care of a few plumbing problems. I'm glad once again that I don't keep a whole lot of stuff in my utility closet...that's where access is for plumbing..I knew the workers were coming, and had moved my things well in advance.

I was in my bedroom for most of the time the people were here. That let me get some things done, while still being available if they needed me for anything.

After they were finished, I really should have put things back where they belonged, then gone grocery-shopping. But the desire to take a nap won out over both those, and I'm convinced it was the best option.

So tomorrow needs to include at least a minimal shopping trip, otherwise I'll have coffee and peppermints for dinner. And the suitcase that ordinarily lives in the utility closet should probably be moved out of the middle of the kitchen.

We'll see!

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