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May 2009

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Personal Day - May 15

Friday wound up being the day to take care of personal business.

First up was dealing with something left over from Thursday. There had been some slowness with my bank's website last night when I wanted to check my available balance. The same was true today, so I went back to last century's method of finding out such: I used the phone. And the phone book, since the website didn't have the phone number readily available.

Later in the day I went out to run an errand. It was a nice afternoon to be outside. This was one of those days when the timing was nearly perfect. I had ample time to get my errand done, had a leisurely stroll back to the bus stop, and had about ten minutes to read or people-watch before the bus came. I like it when I don't have to hurry to get to the stop, but I like it even more when I don't have to wait long.

After I got home, I took care of a few other personal things, then settled in to watch television and websurf a bit. I had gotten slightly behind on some journal reading, and this was a good time to start getting caught up.

And that brings us to now, when I'm watching a bit of late-night television and writing. All in all, this has been a good day.

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