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April 2009

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Weekend - April 26

It's been a fairly quiet weekend. I needed a couple of things from the grocery store, but decided to hold off on a major shopping trip because it was so hot. I hate that I have to be so careful about heat these days, but I do. Anyway, to avoid both heat and starving, I went out for a bit on Saturday morning.

And as things happen, during the time I was gone a package delivery was attempted. I've decided to ask that it be redelivered, because if I spend about half a day Monday chasing it down, I'll wear myself out and miss doing about half what I need to do. And yes, on the bus, getting to and home from what is actually my Post Office does take about half a day.

I think this entry's point could have been a really good Twitter post: "Sometimes my life gets really complicated by things I can't control."

The mercy is my coping skills are better!

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