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April 2009

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Sometimes You Guess Wrong - April 28

Ending first: I'm fine.

I knew I needed to get groceries today, even though it's going to be cooler tomorrow. Aside from the fact that I have a package coming tomorrow, I was close enough to being out of food that waiting wasn't an option. So the already over-stressed lady headed off to the shopping center, list and bags in hand

I had paid careful attention to the temperature, and it was fine when I left home. I got to the stores, got what I needed, and called my customary taxi. I was told it would be ten to fifteen minutes, and was fine with that. I sat down to wait, on the bench inside the store. I stood and looked out the windows periodically, but no taxi.

After about twenty minutes, I decided I'd check outside. It was a lovely day, and still didn't feel too hot, especially since there was a breeze. So I stayed outside. And that was my wrong guessing. I thought the taxi would be there in another few minutes. I wound up calling them again after I'd been outside about another twenty minutes. And went back inside, because I realized I was starting to get hot.

I thought I'd be fine once I got back inside, especially if the dratted taxi would just come get me. But I wasn't. I was overheated and dehydrated (though I had been drinking water) and I wound up fainting.

The store manager and an assistant were with me as I came to, and had already called paramedics, who soon arrived. The paramedics were wonderful, and didn't hassle me when I refused to go to the hospital. And I did refuse, because I already know this was the same old heat exhaustion. They did get me ice and a soft drink (used separately), hoping to cool me off and help in the rehydrating.

The cab company got two more calls -- from the store manager this time -- and two hours and fifteen minutes after I called them the first time, my groceries and I got home. And yes, I'm planning to give this taxi company's competition a chance the next time I'm in need of a ride.

And as I said up top, I'm fine.

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