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April 2009

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Remembering Mother - April 24

Today is the thirteenth anniversary of my mother's death. She's been on my mind most of the day. Mercifully, this year I haven't remembered so much the last days of her life as other, much earlier days.

During this week, I've been remembering a time that Mother helped a young man who was trying to obtain conscientious objector status during the Vietnam War. She started out tutoring him in college Spanish, and went on from there.

Another of the wonderful memories.

I got my idea of how to be an activist from Mother. I later on learned the quote, "In a quiet way, you can change the world." And that's how she did it. She did make noise a few times, but a lot of times, she was doing her thing behind the scenes, supporting the things in which she believed.

And the people in whom she believed.

So on this day, I raise my coffee cup to her in love as I remember some very good lessons.

Mother and Malcolm
This is my favorite picture of her, with her (our) much-loved dog, Malcolm.

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