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April 2009

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Treat - April 18

Never mind that it's April and warm out, I've gotten into a hot chocolate kick. It started the other day when I realized I was running low on chocolate (the candy kind) and also wanted something warm. I knew I had hot chocolate mix in the cabinet, so problem solved.

I forget how much I like that. I think that's because I tend to put it in the category of special treats instead of something common to drink.

By the way, I've started using the two-mug method to make it. Heat the water in one, put the chocolate powder in the other. Pour a small amount of the water into the powder to dissolve it, then add the rest of the water. Makes less mess! And the mug that's only had water in it is still clean, so it goes in the dish drain. Disregard if using a kettle!

This week has been full and long, in a lot of ways. I am glad it's past and that I have a couple of days without needing to be responsible! I hope I can get a lot of rest; I'm thinking the week to come may be a repeat of the one just ended. And that is not a complaint.

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