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April 2009

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Thursday - April 16

Today was about lots of things, including more swatches -- and if you don't know what I mean, I'm talking about small, sample pieces of a something one plans to crochet or knit. This time around, it's being done to determine the best crochet hook, stitch, and yarn combination for a new project. And I'm keeping record of what I've done, mainly so I won't do the same thing twice.

And now for something that's truly none of my business: the selection of a new basketball coach for NC State University. I am in agreement with all those who thought State should have given Stephanie Glance the job. She had been the late Kay Yow's assistant, and Coach Yow had wanted Coach Glance to be her successor.

Coach Glance was interim Head Coach after Coach Yow's death in January, through the end of the season. Without looking up the statistics, I'll say this past season was not the team's best. But I'll also say that's pretty understandable. Their coach had died after a long struggle, and gee, that shakes up things!

Anyway, I think the team could have used the stability of having Coach Glance stick around. I think State could have shown Coach Glance some loyalty.

Please note that this is not about the coach who was selected, whose name is deliberately omitted. I wish her and the team members well as they move forward.

But my larger stash of good wishes go to Coach Glance. I hope she winds up somewhere that appreciates her talents and skills.

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