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April 2009

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Busy - April 7

This day has been busy, for me and those in the area. I did take some time this afternoon to do two things: nap and watch some of the coverage of the Tar Heels coming back to Chapel Hill.

The nap was necessary, and watching the basketball team come home was pure pleasure.

There were a lot of people at the Smith Center for the festivities. Even though I like that arena, and would have been welcome to join in, I decided to forgo the crowd and stay here. Sometimes the best seat in that house is the one on this side of the television.

It was both fun and emotional to see that group of players and coaches.

As to other parts of busy, I'm being vague on purpose about what I'm working on right now, but it's a crochet project and it's keeping me out of mischief.

However, if you'd like to keep me out of even more mischief, you're welcome to order something! And remember I offer gift certificates.

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