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April 2009

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Tar Heels Win! - April 6

Carolina's Men's Basketball Team has done it again!

Four years and a few days ago Carolina's Men's Basketball Team won the national championship. I wrote of that night, and of seeing all the coverage and hearing about some of it the next day from friends who had been in the crowd celebrating on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill.

It's very different for me this year, largely thanks to Twitter and Facebook. Among other things, I got to tell people some of what was going on in Chapel Hill as I was seeing live coverage on television.

My followers on Twitter now know that people were using a street sign in Chapel Hill as though it were a magic carpet to be ridden across the heads and shoulders of people in the crowd. And that said crowd was so large one couldn't actually see Franklin and Columbia Streets at their intersection.

And because I follow the Daily Tar Heel Twitter stream, I have seen links to some of the things that are in tomorrow's paper (you can find them at the DTH link).

This year, except for the Carolina Blue title, color changes in the entry are hyperlinks, by the way.

Earlier, I loved promising some fellow Tar Heels on Facebook that I would wear my class ring and not watch much of the game, just because Carolina does better when I'm not watching. I kept my word on that one. In fact, as I write, I'm still wearing the ring. This time, for celebration purposes!

Of course, Carolina's Alumni group at Facebook posted updates and congratulations, and I will not be surprised to see more on Facebook tomorrow.

And the happiness will stay in Chapel Hill long after the pavement is visible again.

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