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March 2009

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Of Hair Clips and Basketball - March 8

I managed to knock my favorite hair clip off my bedside table sometime last night. I've done some hunting for it, but it is truly hidden. And I'd like it back, so tomorrow may be a day when furniture gets moved.

I do have other clips, but this one is the most comfortable.

This could, of course, be the revenge of the dust bunnies who got disturbed the other day when I was hit with the urge to vacuum.

Anyway, this afternoon I got one of the other clips to put my hair up, and didn't think much more about it for several hours. Until all of a sudden I realized I had a headache, thanks to the clip pulling my hair just a tiny bit too tight.

My headache is better now, but I could do without a repeat.

Mercifully, this did not interfere with my viewing of the Carolina-Duke basketball game, which either team could have won, but Carolina did. I admit I stopped watching when Duke went ahead for a bit. I came back for the last two minutes of the game, when the outcome was pretty much set.

I don't truly think that Carolina wins or loses depending on my viewing, but just in case...

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