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March 2009

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The Scent of a Monday - March 9

This morning I was sitting here minding my business when all of a sudden I started smelling something that seemed to be a combination of oil paint and bug spray.

It made me start coughing, and as the seconds went by the odor got more toward suffocating. So I opened the nearest window and turned on a small fan, being grateful that it was warm enough outside to do these things without having to worry about freezing.

Once I stopped coughing and could be calm enough to look out the window, I noticed there were two apartment complex maintenance trucks parked out front, and a man standing next to one had a paint bucket in his hand.

I really didn't want to yell out and ask him why they were trying to kill me, so I'm not sure exactly what they were doing. But given the proximity of the apartments, I'm guessing something in the apartment next door to mine needed some paint and perhaps some other, heavily-scented work. I'm also thinking that no air was getting in that one to help diffuse the stuff, so it was seeping into mine through vent spaces.

As the day wore on, the dregs of the stuff went away. I eventually turned off the fan. But it was so nice to have a window open that I left it so until late tonight.

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