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March 2009

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Saturday - March 7

I had gotten behind in some online reading, so I did my best today to get caught up with that, including a few things that had been posted at Facebook.

By the way, some of you new to Facebook or new to me there should know that I don't add applications these days because I don't like the amount of my information that the applications are allowed to have.

I have a few left over from my earlier days, when people were allowed to choose how much information to share. But now I either ignore applications or block them.

And I don't follow the prompts from the "People You May Know" thing, because it feels way too much like nagging and I don't take kindly to nagging. I wish there were a way to get rid of that application, but since it's built in to Facebook's platform, it's there. So I just click the thing that makes the nag go away.

I think I'd better end this entry before I wind up sounding too antisocial!

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