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August 2008

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Questions - August 1

I got an interesting set of questions yesterday, from someone trying to learn the cost of labor for crocheting. I'm not quite sure why the questions were asked, but I think it had to do with an insurance claim.

The questioner wanted to know the hourly rate for the work, and how many hours it would take to make either a king-sized bedspread or a tablecloth.

I replied, but I'm fairly sure my answer was not much help. I don't charge by the hour for crocheting, and don't really pay that much attention to how much of it I could even do in an hour. As I told the questioner, my price is calculated more on the difficulty of the work.

It would be possible, I suppose, to calculate the exact hours it takes to make the two items for which the questioner wanted the information, but I'm not planning to sit down with a clock and crochet for a specific time to figure it out!

Yes, I do say on the Rebeccaworks site approximately how long it takes to make the items I offer, but those approximations are in terms of weeks or months, not hours.

I promise you and myself that if I ever start thinking of crocheting as an hourly job, I'll seek work in another field.

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