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August 2008

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Shopping - August 5

Today was a hot day here. I knew it was going to be so, but I needed to grocery shop because I was almost out of coffee. Those who know me know that trumps not wanting to get up early!

So last night, I made my list and did everything else I could do to be ready to leave home early, so I could get back home before the heat took over.

I'm one of those people who really does not dawdle in a store. If I have to kill time while waiting for a cashier lane to clear out, I can do that. But usually I'm through a few minutes after I enter the store. Today, even allowing for slow traffic in a couple of aisles, I was through with my shopping fifteen minutes after I started.

But that was presenting a problem for me. The next bus was not scheduled to be at the stop for about half an hour after I was finished. And then there would be another half-hour wait downtown before the next bus to my home. I really do understand why buses don't run more often, but there are times it's just not in my best interest to do that much waiting.

So while I was finishing shopping, I made the decision that I'd call a taxi to go home from the store. I did exactly that. I stayed in the store's entry foyer (which is large enough for people waiting and shopping cart traffic to coexist) for the very few minutes it took the cab to arrive.

A few minutes later, I was home. It was lovely to be able to get home with so little effort and without worrying about being outside as the day warmed.

And I'm going to remember this, and use cabs as needed for the rest of the hot-weather season. Today the cab fare was, of course, more than the free bus service. But the not-worrying was priceless.

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