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May 2008

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Tapestries - May 29

I watched a repeat of Tavis Smiley on which the guest was Carole King. She mentioned that she always liked it when people told her their memories of her work.

If she were here, I would have told her that "Tapestry" was one of the things that got me through my Freshman year in college. It had come out a few months before, and was very popular. I could count on hearing at least parts of it at least once a day. And I loved it.

As much as I was glad to be away from the people who took pleasure in making high school hell for me, I was not prepared to be in a college dorm, especially not in a room (built for three) that had four people living in it.

Remember, I'm an only child. That was the hardest adjustment for me, and not one I was all that successful in making.

But Carole King, Judy Collins, James Taylor, and a few others could let me escape from the adjusting and whatnot and just be.

All these years later, I'm still grateful. And I still like and listen to those artists. They're part of my own tapestry.

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