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Revisiting the Crazy - May 25

I spent some time this afternoon looking through the links on Rebeccaworks. I was mainly checking for dead links, and I found several. Those have now been removed. The dead links were to sites belonging to people in a group in which I used to participate.

In an effort to find out if any of these people had set up domain-keeping at another site, I checked the group's mailing list. Yes, that's the group that was driving me insane several years ago, the one I finally had enough sense to leave, in terms of active participation.

My good sense was reinforced. Many of the people who were annoying five years ago are still part of the group, and still clinging to every word the man I called Tutorman posts. Only now he really isn't giving advice; he's whining that not many people took his advice back in the day, therefore the group never reached its full potential.

Ms. Sanctimonious is still there, bleating her agreement. She allowed as to how she had gone through and deleted links to anyone who hadn't followed Tutorman's commandments. Which explains why she had dropped mine a while back. I had long since returned that favor.

Anyway, I'm now caught up with those posts for another year. And even though I didn't find any new sites replacing defunct ones, I did my best.

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