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May 2008

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Voting - May 6

Turned out that life got in the way in terms of early voting, so I voted this afternoon. I happened to hit a moment when there wasn't much of a crowd, so I was in and out fairly quickly.

This was another of those times when there were items for voters to mark on two sides of the ballot. I don't really think my comments a while back were responsible for this, but there was a note on the ballot to vote both sides. Even though I had seen a sample ballot and noticed the need to check the back, I never mind being reminded of something important.

And as luck has it, when one comes to that polling place by bus, there aren't any volunteers waiting to fill your hands with campaign material. For that I am grateful!

I've been watching results and analyses tonight. Though it's nice to have quick results, I sort of miss the days when it was several hours after the polls closed before an election was declared won.

Of course, I could have that again if I turned off the television and computer...

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