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February 2008

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Voting - February 5

As I write, the coverage of Super Tuesday is playing in the background. North Carolina is not one of the Super Tuesday states (our primary is in May). It's interesting, but probably moreso to those whose votes were cast this day.

I mentioned last week that I did research into candidates. I always have done this, and I've been voting since 1972. I've never voted on the recommendation of someone, nor the endorsement of a newspaper or organization. Those things, if presented very early in a campaign, might cause me to look deeper, but they have never been the deciding factor. I doubt that will change.

I figure it's my own conscience I have to live with, in terms of casting a vote. Looking back over those years of voting, I can say that I've never cast a vote that I regretted.

But there was an election a few years back in which I forgot to vote on something. And I do regret that!

There was a fairly substantial bond for funding repairs and improvements to the state-supported universities in North Carolina. There was no question in my mind that this was necessary and a good thing, so I was all prepared to vote in its favor.

When I saw the sample ballot, I noticed that the bond issue was on the back side of the long piece of paper. But when I got to the polling place I was in a hurry, and I forgot to flip the ballot over and mark my "yes" vote.

I didn't think about it until hours later, when the polls had closed and vote totals were being announced.

The bond passed, by a really large margin. But I guarantee you that I've flipped every subsequent ballot over, just in case there was something important on the back!

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