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May 2008

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Birthdays and Memories - May 4

This is my late friend and brother D.'s birthday. It's a day to listen to Bach and remember good times.

I sometimes wonder what my departed ones would be like were they alive now. With D., I suspect a lot of his life would be similar to how it was before he became ill. He had work he enjoyed, and had started a community choir that was going well.

I miss him. I miss the adventures we had. I miss the talks. I miss the shared music. When I think of him it is with love and gratitude that I had the chance to know him. And today, I celebrate his life.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The above is a reprint of last year's entry, because I suspect the several-day glitch around that time at Diaryland kept some people from reading it, and it's all still true. D. was and is important to me, and remembering him and celebrating his life on his birthday is meet and right and salutary.

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