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February 2008

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Of Catching Up - February 9

I've spent a lot of this weekend so far catching up with things I meant to do during the week. Some weeks it seems the clock just gets a little out of control, and things come up, and I'm sure you know how it goes. All of a sudden it's the end of the week, and you realize you could have used a few more hours in several of those days.

Some of my time has been spent reading several e-mail newsletters to which I subscribe. One of those may get itself permanently deleted if it doesn't stop using its subscriber list as a way to do some affiliate marketing.

I don't like getting mail announcing that blah-blah newsletter publisher recommends Product X, when that's the entire content.

I realize that all sorts of expenses have gone up, and making extra money is a good thing. But pissing off readership with thinly-disguised spam is not the way to go, especially when ads for the same products are already included in the once-a-week newsletter.

And speaking of spam, I think my new favorite spam term for "penis" is "device."

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