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February 2008

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Sunday Things - February 10

Today's catching up was with my account at Ravelry. For those of you who don't know of that site, it's a form of networking for people who knit or crochet. It's still in the beta stage, and people who have indicated they'd like to join are invited to do so as the site is made larger. If you're a member there, and would like to add me to your friends, my username is Rebeccaworks (note the cap).

I hadn't been to Ravelry in a little over a month (busy Becky). I didn't realize it had been that long until I checked my messages there and found two invitations, one to be added as a friend and one to join a group. Mercifully, they were from the same person, who was lovely about it when I apologized for the delay in accepting the two invitations. I promise to check more often from now on!

And I got my exercise for the day when I took the trash and recycling out to their respective bins. No, the bags weren't that heavy. This exercise was avoiding being blown to visit my friends who live south of here. The winds were quite strong, and were, of course, coming from the north. I enjoyed being outside, though.

I had not realized the wind was so strong before I went out, but I had noticed that something was causing the power to misbehave. One step out onto the porch, and I realized the cause. The power in my apartment never went completely out, but the lights flickered.

Wondering if we really were going to have an outage, I made sure I had plenty of coffee ready to drink, food ready to eat, flashlights ready to light, and that my laptop battery was fully charged. Just in case, you understand.

I'm glad to report, as the day ends, that we never lost power, and that the winds have died down.

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