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February 2008

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Thursday - February 7

Yesterday I did errands, and was a little tired when I got home. After dinner, I really didn't want to watch the Duke-Carolina men's basketball game, or anything else that was on so I read a few minutes, then decided I'd nap. Ten hours later I woke up. Some naps are longer than others!

Back to the game. I usually don't watch Carolina's televised games, because they seem to lose when I do watch. I don't really think there's a connection, but just in case.... Anyway, I was so tired of the hype for last night's game that I wouldn't have watched it if the television people had paid me to do so. I don't know why they turned up the hype, but they really worked it to the limits.

Oh, and last night, it didn't matter that I didn't watch. Carolina lost.

Today, I got a lot of stuff done, some work and some personal. And for some reason, I haven't felt the need to nap!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Many of you know this: Doug of "Wondering Jew" has been diagnosed with a pancoast tumor, which is a type of lung cancer that, because of its position, causes a great deal of back and shoulder pain. Since doing much typing causes a great deal of pain, he asked Kelli to update for him, and she has done so, here.

In this most challenging time for Doug, Heather, and their family, your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

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