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October 2007

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Sunday Night - October 28

A domain registration foulup on the part of the registrar has drawn a temporary curtain over two of David's sites, Otherstream and Did You Bring Bottles. The registrar charged the renewal payments to David's credit card and sent him confirmation of the transaction. But then said registrar started saying the two sites' registration hadn't been renewed. Bottles went dark on Wednesday, and Otherstream is dark today.

I know David will tell the story again, after he changes registrars. Let's just say I'm glad I'm not the registrar who caused the mess. I know it is often said that even bad publicity is good, but in this case, it won't be. Not that David's readers don't make up their own minds, but David's readers know he knows whereof he speaks in such matters, and any of them looking around for a registrar may well remember his experience.

Short version: don't piss off David.

In other news, the rain here ended late Friday. I went out on Saturday to run a few errands, and it was wonderful to see damp grass and a few puddles. This didn't solve the drought, of course, but it did make a dent. Dents are good!

We are back to dry days for a bit, but are hoping there will be more rain toward the end of the coming week.

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