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October 2007

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Wednesday - October 24

Seventeen years ago to the Wednesday my mother had brain surgery after her first stroke. Little did I know how my life would evolve after that.

Suffice it to say that I've had Mother on my mind a lot today.

Unrelated to the above, I've been angry most of the day because I couldn't come up with an appropriate response to what struck me as a very ignorant, insensitive comment on a message board. It doesn't matter what the comment was, just that I couldn't seem to answer it because I was taking it personally even though it had not been aimed at me.

Someone else with a different set of baggage than mine managed to answer the thing, and gracefully make the point that the comment was objectionable. But damnit, where was my voice?

On a happier note, it has rained or stormed here most of the day. We need the rain, so I am very glad to see it. It's supposed to rain at least off and on for the next several days. Though this won't solve our current drought, it will help some.

And that's about it for one day.

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