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Web Things - October 30

Like I said Sunday, don't piss off David. In the entry, he has named all the pertinent names. I join David in hoping things stay fixed.

Speaking of things having to do with websites, If you're using the Firefox browser (at least on Windows), I'll bet you've discovered that there are some really wonderful add-ons. My favorite so far is Adblock Plus. It allows you to do just what the name implies---block ads.

In case you'd like to point out ad-supported sites being a good thing, I agree with you. My objection is to ads of a certain type, not ads in general.

I am a person who is both distracted and offended by ads that include movement. Offended because my reading is interrupted, mainly, but in some cases offended by the ads themselves (especially the ones for skincare products that offer me a depiction of a giant zit). But most of them can be quickly gotten rid of by the magic of ABP.

It can also be used to block still pictures (for instance, the still version of the giant zit).

I think they invented this one just for me.

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