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July 2007

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A Few Notes - July 15

These are notes to a person who needs some political savvy, from a person who is tired of stupid, potentially dangerous acts:

1. Sending a beeping package of watches to a candidate's office by a package service was not your smartest move.

I presume there was a point to doing this. Perhaps your point was to express your displeasure at the candidate and/or the candidate's positions on issues, by scaring people into thinking there was a letter bomb enclosed. Perhaps the literature you enclosed (the contents of which haven't been disclosed, but are in the custody of the police) explains some point you're trying to make.

2. Here's a clue. What you succeeded in doing was pissing off a shopping center's worth of people, disrupting several businesses that couldn't afford the trouble, and not making a name for yourself on the news...unless your preferred name is "Suspect."

3. If you want to express your opinion to a political candidate, send e-mail. Or send paper mail, with a return address. Or show up at a public event and speak.

4. If you just want your thoughts aired in general, write a letter to your newspaper. Or start a website and write to your heart's content. Comment on websites where comments are requested. Or hey---do a podcast!

5. If, in fact, you are in favor of another candidate, volunteer for that campaign. Wear a button. Get a bumper sticker. Make contributions.

6. All those things are both legal and effective ways of making your thoughts known. Who might even change some minds.

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