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July 2007

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Losses - July 11

I heard last night that Doug Marlette died. I've been familiar with, and really liked, his work since he started at the Charlotte Observer way back in 1972. I have a couple of his books of collected cartoons, and so many clipped cartoons I can't count. It's hard to grasp that there won't be more.

Making the news even sadder, he had just last week delivered the eulogy for his own father.

And this is making me incredibly sad.

Then today's news of the death of Lady Bird Johnson brought back another batch of memories, beginning when her husband was Vice-President. The world was a completely different one in the early 1960s, and she definitely did her part to bring some beauty to it.

May they both rest in peace.

To make what is no doubt an understatement, there has been a lot of loss this month. May there be solace for all who mourn.

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