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July 2007

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July 16

July 16 is a day filled with depression triggers for me, because it's filled with significant losses (of which I wrote six years ago). Not to leave out the really lovely day I had two years ago.

This year, I was a little afraid I was heading down the depression slope, but I realized what was really going on was a bit of stress involving a potential project. When that project got cancelled (or more precisely, when I got to be the one doing the cancelling), I felt the stress leaving me.

The cancelling happened first thing. Not surprisingly, the lack of stress made the rest of the day go much better.

I did take some time to think about the significant July 16ths, and be grateful for those with whom the day is associated.

And toward the end of the day, I saw a link to this blessing, which Bishop Gene Robinson delivered on Sunday. It was a lovely way to end the day.

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