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May 2007

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Proof - May 19

From the These People Should Hire Me file: a handful of spam messages this week asking me if I have a "flare" for interior decorating (and offering to sell me a course). Well, as it happens, I don't.

What I do have is an imagination that has had a lot of fun with the notion of an interior decorator with a flare. Just imagine...if you had a flare for it, you could do all sorts of advertising while lighting your own signs. No pesky power bills!

But I'd be terribly afraid to hire that person. I'd spend entirely too much time worrying that my house would get accidentally torched in the decorating process.

I won't even go into the possibility of a lot of a certain style skirts on the furniture.

By the way, I don't particularly have a flair for interior decoration, either. In my world, you put the piano where it's supposed to go, then worry about what else might fit into the room.

But I will say I have a flair for homonyms.

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