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Goodbye to the Gilmores - May 16

I'm going to miss "Gilmore Girls." I've read commentary from people who were tired of the show, thought the writing had gone downhill, and assorted other complaints. It's quite possible they're right. I watched anyway. I watched it because it captured my attention a long time ago, and kept it.

Which means it kept me company for several years. In some ways, it reminded me of my relationship with my mother. Not that my mother was Lorelai and not that I am Rory. But the bond between the two of them? Yep. And the support for each other? Yep.

This is not to deny there were bumps and blips and rough spaces in my mother's and my years together. But underneath, like a rock, there was much love and forgiveness and understanding of each other. Which I kept seeing in the show, too.

It's also true that I'm a fairly easy audience for television. I'm willing to forgive shows a whole lot, if I've liked them enough to return for a second episode.

If I'm honest about it, the main thing I want from television shows (not news, mind) is company of the non-intrusive sort. The kind of company you don't need to be dressed up or have the house clean to receive. The kind of company who doesn't complain if you doze off during the visit. "Gilmore Girls" gave me that, too.

Based on that, I'll certainly forgive a boring episode or several. I'm not scintillating every Tuesday at 8:00 p.m., either.

So I wish the characters a long and happy rerun life, and the actors and others associated with the program much luck in future endeavors.

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