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May 2007

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An Unexpected Membership - May 15

With regard to Jerry Falwell, he should rest in peace. I suspect he got a great deal of enlightenment earlier this day. And in keeping with what I said two years ago after the Pope's death, that is my comment for the night.

I will now tell you a favorite story.

Back in 1979 when the Moral Majority was just getting started, I was working at Non-Profit Agency #1. A person with whom I made friends while I had that job was a local political activist. He also happens to be openly gay.

He came by the office one day for some agency-related business. When that was done, he made sure he and I were alone in the room then pulled out his wallet. He said he was being careful to whom he showed what he was showing me, because he didn't want people to think he actually followed the precepts of the organization...which happened to be the Moral Majority!

He had been to Lynchburg for a weekend, and had signed up for a mailing list---I think his goal in doing this was "know your enemy," though quite honestly I've forgotten a few of the details. Anyway, soon after signing up for the mailings, he found himself the amused possessor of a membership card upon which the Moral Majority had engraved his name. I think it was even laminated.

I've often wondered if the MM people ever figured it out.

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