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May 2007

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Tuesday Update - May 22

I spent much of this weekend crocheting, and pondering a suggestion from a friend regarding the needlework repair part of my work. That, as I've mentioned before, is the most consistent part of my business, and the suggestion has to do with new ways to publicize it. More on that in the future.

Monday saw, in addition to more crocheting, some correspondence between Bev and me, about WordPerfect. We are both big fans of that program. I started using it several Internet centuries ago, and very quickly came to prefer it over anything else. I've tried other programs, but nothing has made me want to change from WordPerfect.

Thinking about computer programs reminds me that it's been ten years this month since I got my first notebook computer. A few months after that, I bought it a modem and went online for the very first time. I think that decision was one of the better ones I've made.

I am sure my life is better and richer for all the experiences I've had and for the friends and acquaintances I've made as a direct result of being connected to the Internet.

Speaking of online acquaintances, several people I know of are going through particularly challenging times right now. Please join me in sending the very best vibes out to all in need.

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