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February 2007

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Adventure - February 27

The bus driver inadvertently gave us the scary moment for the day when he took his foot off the brake and the bus lurched when we were trying to get on the bus. I was all the way on, but was still heading to my seat. I'm glad there was a handy grab bar just where I needed one!

I went downtown to scope out a potential replacement for the now-closed store, only to find that the replacement store would itself fit completely in my kitchen (not counting the dining area). And it had prices that would be fine for jewelry at Tiffany's, but not for sundries.

Needless to say, it will not be on my list of must-go-to stores. The only thing it had in its favor was its location.

Of course, that location explains both why the items are so costly and why the store itself is so small.

But it was a good adventure, anyway, because I got to see sights I haven't seen before (Chapel Hill has a lot of hole-in-the-wall businesses, most of which are at least worth the brief exploration), and I found out what I set out to learn about the store.

Definitely worthwhile.

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