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February 2007

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Rainy Afternoon - February 25

Today it's raining here. It's a needed rain, and no worry about freezing. For me, it's an excuse (like I need one?) to stay inside and both goof around and get some things done. I'll probably go outside at some point in the later afternoon, just to see the world. I don't really go anywhere, just step out onto the porch.

I've realized of late that I probably make the neighbors wonder what I'm up to when I go out on the porch for a few moments in the late afternoon. Actually, I'm not up to anything in particular; it's just my way of making sure to acknowledge there is a world outside the walls of my apartment. Oh, and it's handy for grabbing any coupons that the local restaurants have hung from the door knob.

And in case you've missed earlier entries mentioning this, I've made a practice of stepping outside the apartment at least once a day on those days when I don't need to go anywhere. There are actually days when I don't bother to go check the mail, because I don't get so much snail mail anymore. That's not a complaint.

Most of my friends and I keep in touch by e-mail, and I stopped subscribing to most magazines many years ago, when I realized I could get the content online without having to worry about the recycling. I pretty much know when the bills are coming, and I know what days to expect the shopping guides, etc., so I do check then. But staring at the darkness inside the box on the days when nothing is expected is not my idea of something I need to do.

And on this day, not doing anything I don't need to do sounds like a plan!

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