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Do Something - February 28

Do something.

I'm not sure if that's in the imperative or not. But I do know where it came from.

In part, it's left over from watching the shows yesterday with Bob and Lee Woodruff, detailing the brain injury he sustained in Iraq and his recovery. That brought up the time after Mother's second stroke, because his speech was damaged in ways a bit similar to hers.

I was especially paying attention to the work done to help him regain his speech.

The speech therapists gave up on Mother, after what I thought (and still think) wasn't enough trying. I wish I had known more myself; wish I had more knowledge of the subject to try a few things on my own.

But then again, I know my mother was stubborn and proud and might well not have cooperated all that much with me, and that probably would have frustrated the two of us even more than we already were. I don't know.

The second thing that brought up "do something" was a letter I got last night from the founder of Idealist. He is getting ready to do a mailing to the whole of his list, but wanted some feedback from a randomly-selected subgroup before he sent it.

His letter has to do with some activism ideas, and when I actually have the finished one I'll share it (because one of the suggestions he got was that he allow people with websites like this one to do just that). But one thing in it struck me ... he and the group are asking, suggesting, hunting for ways to do something. To make a difference in the world, in small or large ways, whatever works.

I got onto the Idealist rolls last year when someone recommended it as a place to check for employment opportunities. But it's a lot more than that, and I'm enjoying checking out the different facets. If you're not familiar with it, please go check it out for yourselves.

Me, I'm going to ponder "do something" some more, to see what something I might do.

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