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February 2007

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Some Thoughts - February 11

Yesterday I had reason to go out into the early morning. It was clear and cold outside, and quite refreshing. I enjoyed being out in the silence of the early, new day, so much so that the pleasure of it stayed with me the rest of the day. A simple thing, but rich.

I love being able to enjoy such things.

I wish I were close enough to go enjoy seeing my friend Eric Singel's The Wedding Consultant, being presented this month in Philadelphia. I am assuming that you in the area already have your tickets. If not, go on over to that site and get them now. I'll be here when you're through.

Back to local stuff, I've spent some time the last few days making some business decisions. One such was to separate the affiliate marketing links from the business links at Rebeccaworks.

The affiliate ones (where if you go to the merchants through the link on my site and buy something, I'll make a commission) are now at the bottom of the front page of the site, with the business links on the links page.

In part, I'm trying to see if moving the affiliate links to a new spot will bring in some business (and therefore some commissions). And the other reason is I wanted to change direction on the links page.

That page is pretty small right now, and of the sites there that aren't mine, two are owned by friends. I'd like to keep it a place to recommend friends' work and other places that are for some reason special to me, where I'm not in it for anything but speaking my mind.

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