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February 2007

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Hey Episcopalians! - February 8

Wanna know where Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori was this afternoon?

She was in Chapel Hill, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Rev. Pauli Murray's celebrating the Eucharist in the chapel at Chapel of the Cross.

I actually managed not to know about this ahead of time, but I would not have attended anyway...the chapel is rather small and I would have been taking up seat space better given to a member of the parish.

The reason, in case anyone is wondering, as to why either of these things (1977 and today) happened in the chapel instead of in the much-larger main church is that Pauli Murray (who died in 1985) was the granddaughter of a woman who was baptized in that chapel before the Civil War.

A bit of ecumenical regarding that link: I noticed an error in a liturgical term in the report when I heard it broadcast. Sure enough, the error was repeated when the transcription was done for the website. So I wrote a note to the web editor, telling him what was wrong and asking if he would please fix it. I suggested that if he needed to check my veracity, he should ask one of the news anchors who happens to be an Episcopal deacon.

A note came back from the editor thanking me, letting me know the correction had been made, and saying he'd take my word for it since the anchor had left for dinner. His own background led him to think the term had been incorrect, but he hadn't had a chance to ask anyone.

Yes, I did write back, thank him, and tell him I was Lutheran but one with strong ties to the Episcopalians, especially to the parish in the story.

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