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February 2007

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Shopping - February 12

Today, because it was a beautiful, warm day, became shopping day. Tomorrow and the rest of the week are not supposed to be so nice, at least not for the purpose of shopping.

I had fun -- well, that may not be the right word, but a pleasant time, anyway, noticing the mother and two children who were shopping in the same aisles as I was. The mother had adopted a plan to get the children to be actively involved in the shopping, by having them tell her which size or brand the family would want of the various products on the list.

For instance, if she said the next item was corn flakes, the children told her which brand of corn flakes and what size box as they stood in front of the shelf.

There didn't seem to be any requests for things the mother didn't want bought. I wasn't paying enough attention to know if this worked all through the store, but it was nice to see that the children had an active part in the experience and weren't bored.

I know it can be challenging to shop with children, and I know the above method wouldn't work for all families. But from a pure bystander's point of view, it definitely worked for me!

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