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October 2006

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Carolina Blues - October 23

John Bunting has been fired as Carolina's football coach, and that makes me sad.

This isn't all that personal for me. I don't know John Bunting. But we were students here in overlapping times and walked the same paths to buildings. That's not exactly a connection, but it is, you know?

I don't give a rat's ass about football. But I do know about loving Carolina, and how it sometimes takes awhile for one's plans for success to come to fruition. And this firing messes around with both of those.

It also makes me wish I were the wealthiest Carolina alumna, so I could demand that he be rehired and allowed to see his long-range plans for the team through. This I would do in honor of all of us who have walked these paths.

Anyway, I wish John well in his future endeavors. Same for the assistant coaches and recruited players.

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