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October 2006

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Sunday Afternoon - October 22

Today is rainy and dark and chilly. In other words, it feels later in the season than it is, and I'm enjoying being under an afghan. It's by no means cold enough inside for me to want to turn on the heat, but it is definitely not necessary for there to be air conditioning, either.

Yesterday was Candace's birthday. She's seventeen and has her very own myspace account (which I won't link, because, well, she's seventeen). So I went to her site and left a birthday greeting. (Yes, I do have an account myself, and no, I haven't done anything much with it. I really should use it for promotion of the business site.)

It was a little strange to do that, only because I haven't taken advantage of the myspace comment thing before. I'm sure I'll get used to it.

I continue to be proud of Candace, and am delighted that she's following in my late mother's footsteps in terms of liking Latin and being interested in mythology. In fact, one of Mother's mythology texts is on loan to Candace.

I suspect Mother is pleased, too.

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