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October 2006

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Unexpected - October 9

I've gotten into one of those sleep cycles that makes napping important. Tonight's nap took about an hour, but seriously cut into what I had planned to do with the last of the day.

I had gone out earlier to run an errand, which included purchasing popcorn for a snack. Then I forgot about having the popcorn. I also forgot about having used my regular popcorn bowl for something else, so after I remembered the popcorn but before having it, I had to wash dishes.

Getting another bowl was an option, but not one I particularly wanted to use. So I finally had the popcorn, several hours later than I might have, had nap not happened and dishes been washed earlier.

Not, admittedly, the biggest problem I've ever had. Just a comment on how there are sometimes unexpected complications on the way to a snack.

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