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October 2006

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Certain Spam - October 10

Of all the spam I get, that which offends me most is that offering something with "Christian" as an adjective. Christian singles. Christian mortgages. Christian car loans. Christian whatever.

A close second is that offering me "Catholic" somethings, but for tonight's ranting I'll stick with "Christian."

All this stuff offends me more than porn, by a long shot, at least in part because porn itself doesn't offend me. "Christian" shouldn't, either, but I've seen too much damage done by people who misuse that word.

And I'm pretty sure the people offering me Christian whatevers are of the ilk who fit my definition of misusers, because the few ads I've actually read are pretty narrow-minded in terms of what the writers think constitutes Christianity.

And I want no part of that.

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