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October 2006

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Cold and Fire - October 8

Today has been one of those days when you remember winter. It isn't all that cold out, but it's too cold to wear summer clothes without adding something.

I didn't need to go out, so I didn't. But whenever it's chilly enough in my apartment (without the air conditioning on) for me to notice that I need to be wearing long pants, it's probably what most people would consider cold.

The area excitement this weekend was the explosion and fire at a hazardous waste facility at a town about thirty-five miles from here. I appreciated getting asked if we here were all right, and I'm glad I could respond that we were not in harm's way (from the cloud of chlorine gas).

The fire is now over but the clean-up and the shouting, and at least one lawsuit. For more information on the fire and its aftermath, I'd suggest going to the WRAL website.

Otherwise, my weekend was quiet. I like quiet, definitely moreso than hazardous waste fires!

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