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July 2005

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The Meeting - July 8

My friend who is in recovery observed his thirteenth month of sobriety today. Earlier in the week, he had asked me if I'd like to go with him to the afternoon AA meeting today (the one he attends after work on weekdays is always an open meeting). Remembering that I had gotten a lot out of the first one I attended with him, I was pleased to accept.

I'm glad I was at the meeting today, too. The group dynamic changes from meeting to meeting, of course, with the shifts in the population of the group. But one thing that has been true at both the meetings I have attended is the genuine support for people trying to make their lives the best they can be.

There was a fairly young man at today's meeting who announced he was three days sober, and scared that he would fail. His announcement was replied to by a number of people telling their stories of realizing they could, and indeed had to, choose to go to a meeting instead of to a bar. None of them said it was easy; they said it was possible. They all spoke of the value of the AA program in their lives.

You could see something new in this young man's face at the end of the meeting. It was hope. Hope that if the other people who spoke could make the choice, with the help of the program, to be sober for another day and then another, he just might be able to use the program so he could, too. Hope in that there were people who would do their best to encourage and support his efforts. Hope that he could survive.

And hope is a very powerful, empowering thing.

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